Infinity Blade Saga MOD APK for Android v1.1.206 2022

Infinity Blade 1

Infinity Blade v1.1.206 is one of the extremely popular android games and lots of people desire to download it on their phone or tablets without any charges. Battle all-new foes as both the renowned hero Siris, and the sneaky female warrior thief, Isa, each with three unique combat styles and hundreds of great weapons and equipment. you can Download Infinity Blade Saga MOD APK for Android, PC, and iOs its Latest Version.

Infinity Blade 2

Infinity Blade II Game App Apk Free Download Infinity Blade II is a most popular game, which is accessible to download for both Android and iOS devices that come under the Games category.

Infinity Blade II is a Fantastic game, which was posted on Google Play Store & Apple app store on 2011-12-01 08:00:00, for the first time to both Android & iOS mobile users. This amazing game has been produced by Epic Games and this famous mobile game has got a 4.5 *star rating on the App Store. You may easily download this game on your android and iOS mobile phones.

Infinity Blade 3

The Infinity Blade III APK for Android is the closing part of the Infinity Blade trilogy. This isn’t like Infinity Blade II, which was more of a development of the first product. It doesn’t refine; instead, it fine-tunes the Infinity Blade recipe to perfection. In fact, there are more customizations, content, breathtaking vistas, systems, and engrossing combat than ever before. The action, fighting, platformer, and 3D game genres are all featured in this game.

Infinity Blade Saga

In this game, you assume charge of the knight, who has not been easy to take into consideration to preserve the whole planet. Perform in the arena against an adversary that outclasses you by weight and weaponry, and strikes back, not forgetting to protect using different combinations. The game will satisfy you with easy one-touch control, where you will apply your touch to the screen to give lethal punches, reveal blocks, and avoid the hits dealt by your opponent. For a better attack, employ different spells, and do not forget to explore the castle after the battle and acquire the goods you need, such as riches, swords, shields, and armor.

Gameplay Infinity Blade APK

You can move left or right to escape enemy attacks and flee. After learning to evade, learn to attack. The player lacks fundamental procedures to begin tactics. Players will progressively get access to manipulable screen actions.

infinity blade apk

The claws are visible. The slash appears differently in various orientations. That means you’ll need to practice on quick screens to avoid attacks and counterattack assailants in seconds.

Each character has its own Amazing set of skills. All the activities we need to learn are here. To win the fight, they must all work together. Fighting is mostly avoiding and defeating. Take advantage of the enemy’s gaps to plan your attacks and defeat them quickly.

Additional Information

NameInfinity Blade APK
Operating SystemAndroid

How to download and install Infinity Blade APK on Android

  • Just click the download button below
  • Open the file when it has downloaded.
  • Android device – Infinity Blade III.apk
  • Follow the directions.
  • Start the game and check the ‘Allow installs from sources other than the Play Store’ option in your settings
  • Installing Infinity Blade should be as /sdcard/Android/data/com.tencent.tmgp.ibd/
  • Install apk, run the game!


Is Infinity Blade available on Android?

Despite its recent work on Unreal Engine 3, Epic has no intentions to bring the Infinity Blade franchise to Android. Epic said the series will stay iOS-only.

Why Is Infinity Blade not on Android?

The major reason for not transferring the series over to Android was owing to its “wild west” nature and piracy concerns.

Can you play Infinity Blade anymore?

Infinity Blade and other Epic games like it are no longer re-downloadable on iPhone or iPad. Apple’s statement: We’ve worked with Epic Games for years on their launches.

Is Infinity Blade III still available?

Epic Titles announced the removal of the Infinity Blade games from the App Store. These revolutionary mobile titles will no longer be available for purchase, but owners will be able to download and play them “for the foreseeable future.”


Infinity Blade is a game set in the distant past when valiant knights dominated the earth. In this game, you will be a knight who must defend the world. The adversary is greater in weight and weaponry, so fight in the arena and inflict retaliation, while defending themselves with varied combinations. The game has intuitive one-touch controls where you touch the screen to set the blocks and dodge the opponent’s strikes. After the battle, explore the castle and acquire the stuff you need, such as riches, swords, shields, and armor.


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